Talkin ’bout that Geequinox 2023…..

For the tl;dr inclined:
2023 was awesome!!!

Two day event at the Forum, let’s tally up:

Pricing: $17 for the weekend. Very good price.

Vendors: Tons!!! Easy to walk around, wide space for walking.

Accessibility: Wide lanes for everyone. Easy to hear and see people. Vendor signs were clear to read with/without glasses in the light.

Swag bag: Pure awesome. Stylish, not cheap campy plastic looking. Prezzies were nifty and charming, esp the Geequinox logo decal.

Events: Nice easy to read paper schedules along with online for younger people that have difficulties with hard copies (teasing, sorry). Please keep this.

Bracelets: Love them! Bright colored, do not tear easy, you can do A LOT without damaging them.


CaperCon – Good to see ya rocking it with awesome swag too!!!

Vendor doing microstories on typewriter – Dude, that is an awesome angle. Took me a hot second to clue in. But damn, that was awesome.

Furries!!!!! You lit it up!

Air quality was awesome!

Lights at vendors booths was good. Able to see and read everything clearly.

Vibe: This was a very cool, relax-a-con feel.

Where to improve? – Have some official online teaser clips from vendors, guests, etc to spark it up. More Geequinox branding.

All in all, I’ll be back!

Goal-Seeing Body Worlds: Vital

Goal!!!!!!!! Been trying to get to see the Body Worlds Vital exhibit since January. Well, decades now, since it first appeared in ‘Casino Royale’. But this is the last weekend. And by fluke, I was off early.

In sum, seeing Gus, the 100 year old turtle come out of his little house to say hello was super cool!

The other exhibits, definitely worth seeing. Projection sphere exhibit, forest exhibit, Mi’kmaq exhibit, very solid.

The ocean 🪸 exhibit was hilarious!!! Did you know that the protected gully off Nova Scotia is 57, 654 eggs deep? Or 500 T-Rexes?? Just saying…. 😉

But the piece dé resistance was Body Worlds.

Everything else was just cake that I will see again, with less kids and overly weird adults openly commenting on some of the displays.

And that has to be my sole downer for this.

I loved the displays, the explanations, the presentations. But there were a number of kids and parents. Parents who probably should have inquired ahead why there was no below the waist advertising or lots of over the shoulder pics. The same parents who shielded and moved the kids quickly past the meat of the exhibits.

I understand. This is a family outing. Spending time together. All good.

Now, can I be a fly on the wall when the parents look up ‘plastination’? Please? *evil grin* Breasts and below the waist will be the least of your concerns. Tho really, you could tell those who read the signs ahead of time and diverted to the brightly lit and gorgeous aquatic exhibit.

The pic of the ad is the only one I took as no form of imagery was permitted past that point. And to be honest, photos don’t do the displays and presentations justice.

If this exhibit comes back or is extended, I’d definitely recommend it. Necromancers would get… ‘aroused’ with curiosity and information overload. Maybe I should have gotten the souvenir video. 🙂

The museum is definitely worth it and repeat value.

Looking forward to going back to see all the stuff I couldn’t spend more time looking. Who knew what lurked above the Hal-Con training area and Thrillema monthly showings? 🙂🙂🙂

Tech-Let’s talk about Unsend, baby…


Today’s tech lesson is actually a refresher for anyone and everyone that uses FB Messenger.

FB Messenger is still one of the ‘go to’ methods used today.

When it was split from the main FB app, it made it even more appealing for those that just wanted to cast off pics of cats and food recipes like DP (dessert porn). Gorgeous dishes, nice cakes, hot pies, and everything in-between.

But with this, people gained the god-mode of ‘unsend’.

Teams, email, all the cool kids have it these days.

Send off a racy photo of an Indy car to the wrong person, you can keelhaul it back. No foul, no damage, yea!

Or so the common misconception by the masses goes…

While you can pull back original message to hell, it will still exist in the locked screen notification or banner notifications. Ya know, those annoying pop-ups at 3am when someone drunk/stoned messages you? This is why you flip your phone facedown.

If it was critical, they would do the double call (call once, hang up, call back in under 15 minutes) and wake you up to save the world.

The other place messages are saved is email. Depending where you created your account, you may or may not still have these options to have all your chat mails you missed sent to your mailbox to wake up and review while you eat your cornflakes and beer.

(Breakfast of Champions!)

‘Unsend’ is a terribly misleading feature on any app or platform.

With FB crossed with Instagram and other services, tripping someone’s flood/threat warning settings just adds to the fun.

I recommend if someone sends you something by mistake, just delete and disregard it.

‘Nuff said. Class dismissed.

[Podcasting] GUEST LECTURE SERIES: Talk #5 with Dr. Mike Smertka

[Podcasting] GUEST LECTURE SERIES: Talk #5 with Dr. Mike Smertka on DanteTV. This session: ‘Recognition of Medical Dogma.’ Dr. Mike takes questions from the audience on a variety of medical topics. DanteTV Podcasts may be found on a number of platforms:

On Spotify:
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GUEST LECTURE SERIES: Talk #5 with Dr. Mike Smertka on DanteTV. This session: ‘Recognition of Medical Dogma.’ Dr. Mike takes questions from the audience on a variety of medical topics.