Talkin ’bout that Geequinox 2023…..

For the tl;dr inclined:
2023 was awesome!!!

Two day event at the Forum, let’s tally up:

Pricing: $17 for the weekend. Very good price.

Vendors: Tons!!! Easy to walk around, wide space for walking.

Accessibility: Wide lanes for everyone. Easy to hear and see people. Vendor signs were clear to read with/without glasses in the light.

Swag bag: Pure awesome. Stylish, not cheap campy plastic looking. Prezzies were nifty and charming, esp the Geequinox logo decal.

Events: Nice easy to read paper schedules along with online for younger people that have difficulties with hard copies (teasing, sorry). Please keep this.

Bracelets: Love them! Bright colored, do not tear easy, you can do A LOT without damaging them.


CaperCon – Good to see ya rocking it with awesome swag too!!!

Vendor doing microstories on typewriter – Dude, that is an awesome angle. Took me a hot second to clue in. But damn, that was awesome.

Furries!!!!! You lit it up!

Air quality was awesome!

Lights at vendors booths was good. Able to see and read everything clearly.

Vibe: This was a very cool, relax-a-con feel.

Where to improve? – Have some official online teaser clips from vendors, guests, etc to spark it up. More Geequinox branding.

All in all, I’ll be back!