Review: Picard 2×02 – ‘Penance’

Picard 2×02 – ‘Penance’

I will admit up front that I’m not really a fan of ‘time travel’ in sci-fi shows with very few exceptions. If I wanted to watch something in modern times or ancient world, I’d watch those genres.

So when I saw the previews for Season 2 of ‘Picard’, I did let out a little groan. But ‘Penance’ definitely laid out a nice ground work and an agreeable storyline that seems to work for me. A few Easter eggs and fan teases here and there, a rather comfortable episode.

Pros would be keeping things clear and concise for each of the characters in their capacities. No time wasted with agonizing ‘where’s whomever’, very clean storytelling. The comedy by Jurati works well, along with Picard’s presence. Trying to minimize spoiling it too much for those that haven’t seen it. That said, the study was a nice touch.

On the con side, I feel there was wasted opportunities to give more to the other characters for development. Perhaps they are holding back for future episodes.
I’m not looking for giant arcs or anything. But 20-30 seconds for *all* characters would have been better.

Overall, I’m invested in the show, to the point where I have the app on my phone remind me as soon as it’s up versus tossing it on the sideboard for weekend watching.

Rebuilding research

May be an image of sky

Working from home due to the pandemic has allowed me to finally break thru some of those projects that just seemed to have piled up over the years. From developing an isolated home office space to creating systems for housework that work far better than any previous attempts, this time has yielded some benefits.

However, as it appears we will return to campus in late summer, I’ve turned my focus back to research and study. I elected tonight to recreate from scratch an OpenSim server, connected to the OS Grid.
This is relatively easy, so long as you proceed carefully thru the directions and do not attempt to shortcut any steps.