How many elephants…

A long set of jokes…. WORTH IT!

Q: How many elephants can you fit in a VW Bug?
A: Four. Two in the front, two in the back.

Q: How can you tell if an elephant is in your refrigerator?
A: There’s a footprint in the mayo.

Q: How can you tell if two elephants are in your refrigerator?
A: There’s two footprints in the mayo.

Q: How can you tell if three elephants are in your refrigerator?
A: The door won’t shut.

Q: How can you tell if four elephants are in your refrigerator?
A: There’s a VW Bug in your driveway.

[It’s Friday!] E-Zine – 2021-02-11

Recorded live before a hot pork-n-beans filled studio audience in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada that just wants to let it go…

[It’s Friday!] E-Zine
<@> What’s going down in DanteTV Land….. <@>
Feb 12th – Chinese New Year! (Year of the Metal Ox)
Feb 14th – St. Valentine’s Day
Feb 15th – Heritage Day / President’s Day
Feb 16th – Mardi Gras / Pancake Day
Feb 17th – Ash Wednesday (Lent begins)
Feb 27th – Blue Jays Pre-Season Opener
Mar 14th – Spring Forward (Daylight Savings Begins)
Mar 17th – St. Patrick’s Day
Mar 20th – Ostara / Spring Equinox
Apr 04th – Easter

(!) The Markets (!)
CAD/USD – $0.79 (up $0.01)
CAD/GBP – $0.57
CAD/JPY – $82.36
CAD/BTC – $60,979 (up $14,000 since last week)
CAD/ETH – $2,261 (up $131 since last week)
CAD/AU – $75.50 24k gram (up $0.80)
CAD/AG – $1.10/gram

Gas – $1.15/litre (up 1.9c)
Milk – $5.19/gallon
Bread – $2.99/loaf
Eggs – $3.99/XL dozen
Big Mac – $5.69

Destructive Thoughtz:

What a week. But ah, we now go thru Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Heritage/President’s Day. Party weekend in the middle of winter which would be super cool if it wasn’t for that crazy new mutant strains B117, B1351, and P1 bka UK, South African and Brasil strains. But in all seriousness, all we can really do is the same we do for sex: Cover your holes with protection, wash often, get tested and discuss testing. Done. And never fck crazy. Nope. Stay your ass home and feel the romance in your pants to something romantic. Like the original ‘Iron Man’ or ‘Deadpool’ movies.

Cinemas and other places are opening up today locally. Scary on one hand. But on the other hand, it will get the economy going and people back to work. Still sad that all four of my favorite Starbucks have shut down. But who knows, maybe they’ll come back once things start flowing again. Nobody’s opening to max capacity, most at 25% save the cinemas which will be at 50% or 100 max per auditorium. Sure it’ll be cool for people to go out. But we have seen a lot more options come online for people that just want to shut the world out and enjoy life in a little bubble.

It’s not an island. It’s a bubble. Big difference. 🙂

Music List This Week

Album: American Made Music to Strip By
-Rob Zombie

HUMOR! (Not for virgin eyes!)

My wife beamed at me with pride and said, “Wow! I never thought our son would go that far!”

I said: “This trebuchet is amazing! Go get our daughter.”

You know, it’s not the length of the vector that counts… it’s how you apply the force.

At the Gym last week I found a tiny hole in one of my trainers. Just small enough to fit a finger in. However.. I was reported and now banned for life.

Never hit a man with glasses. Hit him with a baseball bat instead.


(G) 2021 DanteTV Productions /\/\idnite Star

(*) Afterglow…..

Today a fortune cookie told me that every exit is an entrance.
Long story short, my girlfriend said no.

Fallout 3 as a Lone Wander Tourist

[Gaming] So Im playing thru Fallout 3 as more of lone wandering tourist this time. Im using the Brady book to help me find all the free form quests and locations that are outside the main quest line. I’m not looking at spoilers atm, just the general locations. Zone 8 is the starting zone, containing Vault 101, Megaton, the Outcasts, Nuka Cola and Red Racer factories plus more. Next time in, Im doing each location. Then Ill spoil check before exploring a new zone. Im doing DC last tho.
Best trap Ive seen in a long time goes to the Overlook Drive-In, almost got me. Also this game is a lot easier with Dogmeat. First time I beat it, I never had a companion. #betterthannetflix

Outside NukaCola factory
Excerpt from Brady guide