Fallout 3 as a Lone Wander Tourist

[Gaming] So Im playing thru Fallout 3 as more of lone wandering tourist this time. Im using the Brady book to help me find all the free form quests and locations that are outside the main quest line. I’m not looking at spoilers atm, just the general locations. Zone 8 is the starting zone, containing Vault 101, Megaton, the Outcasts, Nuka Cola and Red Racer factories plus more. Next time in, Im doing each location. Then Ill spoil check before exploring a new zone. Im doing DC last tho.
Best trap Ive seen in a long time goes to the Overlook Drive-In, almost got me. Also this game is a lot easier with Dogmeat. First time I beat it, I never had a companion. #betterthannetflix

Outside NukaCola factory
Excerpt from Brady guide